Access Database Development:
Optimized Consulting is all about delivering the right product for the individual needs of each customer. Our custom Microsoft Access applications will increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees while staying within the budget of your management.

Fixed Price Contracts:
As well as offering the commonly negotiated per diem hourly rate contracts, Optimized Consulting offers a unique opportunity for our clients with our Fixed Price Contracts. 

Fixed Price Contracts are contracts that have one set price, determined at the outset of the contract. The project is then completed, based on the specs provided by the client, within the agreed upon timeframe and budget. 

Fixed Price Contracts are different from regular per diem (or hourly) contracts in that the total cost and specs for the project is set and agreed upon by both the client and the contractor at the beginning of the project. Fixed Price Contracts are beneficial to our clients because they allow each client to budget the exact amount of money they wish to spend for a particular contract. 

The main requirement for a fixed price contract is that the client is able to provide a detailed list of specs for the project.